The multifaceted scenery, some of the best-known sights in Southern Germany and great leisure parks set the scene for an exciting holiday in the Allgäu for singles, couples and families with children. Let us introduce you to worthwhile cultural, natural and entertainment destinations all around the town of Memmingen.

The Allgäu: holiday region in Germany

Green hilly scenery, ample forests and meadows, alpine summits covered in snow, lakes and rivers – the Allgäu in Southern Germany is a picture-perfect holiday region. Interspersed in this delightful landscape are historic cities with buildings from all eras, Roman excavations, grand royal palaces and patriarchal monasteries. Even though the highest summit of the Allgäu Alps is located in the adjoining Tyrol, there are several peaks that invite guests to hiking or skiing action. Bathing fun and relaxation comes with many a water body – not only in the countless lakes. Additionally, you can explore the region on foot or on two wheels.

Kartause Buxheim: monastery and lake path

Enjoy amazing views © Urlaubsregion Allgäu

Distance to Hotel Falken 5.6 km / 9-minute drive
Kartause Buxheim
An der Kartause 15, 87740 Buxheim
For your satnav: Kirchplatz (Carpark)
Phone: +49 8331 61804
Opend every day from 1 April to 1 November
Guest tours every Sunday at 2 pm

Kartause (charterhouse) Buxheim, founded in 1402, once was the most important Carthusian monastery. It had been subordinated to the Emperor from the 16th century onwards as an imperial charterhouse. The Final Recess of Imperial Deputation and the associated secularisation put an end to the monastic life at Kartause Buxheim. Worth seeing – the charterhouse museum with former monk cells including the garden and the uniquely carved choir stalls. After the visit, why not take a walk at the nearby lake? Tip: Cycle the few kilometres from Memmingen to Buxheim on the Illerradweg! The bus is another alternative to the car running every hour on Monday to Friday mornings from Memmingen central station.

Abtei and Basilika Ottobeuren

The region Allgäu has many things to offer

Distance to Hotel Falken 11.5 km / 14-minute drive
Benediktinerabtei Ottobeuren
Sebastian-Kneipp-Strasse 1, 87724 Ottobeuren
Phone: +49 8332 7980
Church tours on Saturdays from April to October, 2.15 pm, approx. duration: 30 min
Basilica open from 9 am till sundown
Museum open from Palm Sunday to All Hallows every day 10-12 am, 2-5 pm
Monastery café open daily from 9 am to 6 pm

The foundation of Abtei (abbey) Ottobeuren dates back to the year 764. Today, approx. 20 monks live here in accordance with the monastic rule of St Benedict. After centuries of monastic life with heydays in the 12th, 16th and 18th century, the monastery became yet another victim of secularisation. However, this wasn’t the end of Benedictine life in Ottobeuren, as a new start was made in 1834. To this day, the Benedictine live at this beautiful place in the Allgäu. Worth seeing: the baroque basilica, art gallery, porcelain collection, baroque library, theatre and emperor hall. Round off your visit of Abtei Ottobeuren snugly in the monastery café with seats under the arcades and in the garden.

Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren

Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren © Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren_Kutter

Distance to Hotel Falken 11.6 km / 16-minute drive
Schwäbisches Bauernhofmuseum Illerbeuren
Museumstrasse 8, 87758 Kronburg-Illerbeuren
Phone: +49 8394 1455 (registry), +49 8394 92 601 19 (cash office)
Open from 1 March to 30 November, day of rest on Monday (except on public holidays)
Guest parking directly at the museum

The farm museum offers a lively representation of farm life and work from days long gone. Lovingly collected farms, small houses, workshops, barns and shed almost make one forget that this is a museum site. Cultivated farm gardens planted with vegetables, economic plants and flowering plants, fruit orchards and all kinds of pets give the museum an alive face vividly illustrating the farm life in the Allgäu. Special exhibitions, holiday programmes for kids and courses for old crafts, such as basket-weaving and bread-breaking, complete the offerings.

Therme Bad Wörishofen

Relax at the Therme Bad Wösishofen © THERME Bad Wörishofen GmbH

Distance to Hotel Falken 39.4 km / 28-minute drive
Therme Bad Wörishofen
Thermenallee 1, 86825 Bad Wörishofen
Phone: +49 8247 399 300
Differing opening hours for thermal spa, sauna, sports pool and family pool:
Current opening hours for your information

The water of the fluoride- and iodine-containing thermal spa, which you get to enjoy in the pool at a pleasant 34-36 °C, has a beneficial and relaxing effect. Several spa offerings, the open-topped thermal spa with South Seas flair and the sports- and family pool offer ideal conditions for all ages. While the thermal spa and sauna paradise have a minimum age of 16 in order to ensure a quiet and recreational atmosphere, the sports pool and the summery outdoor pool are truly action-packed. Waterslides, sand and beach guarantee perfect holiday mood. Recharge the batteries of wee water tykes in the bistro. Tip: The sauna and thermal spa world is open to kids younger than 16 on Family Saturdays from 9 am to 6 pm.

Pfänder – adventure mountain at Lake Constance

The Pfänderbahn brings you unhurriedly to the mountain station © Pfänderbahn AG

Distance to Hotel Falken 70 km / 50-minute drive
Parking directly at the Pfänderbahn and in the parking deck
Road tax disc-free travel via Memmingen-Lindau-Bregenz
Schillerstrasse, 6900 Bregenz, Austria
Daily ascend from 8 am to 7 pm at every clock and half hour, closed in November

Why not take a look at Lake Constance and approx. 240 alpine peaks from bird’s view? The Pfänderbahn brings you unhurriedly to the mountain station in only six seconds making way for a round view across three countries in fair conditions. Several alpine huts invite you to take a breather, while the alpine wildlife park allows you to watch deer, marmots, and even majestic ibexes. Several well-marked hiking trails allow you to discover the Pfänder. Mountain bikers feel right at home, too. Bregenz’s landmark mountain is open to skiers, tobogganists and winter hikers in winter. Those wanting to get away from the foggy valleys enjoy pleasant winter sun on the Pfänder.e.

Leisure parks in the Allgäu

Spaß für die Familie garantiert das Legoland © LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort

Two of the best leisure parks in Germany, Allgäu Skyline Park
and Legoland Günzburg, open their doors to adults and
kids in the vicinity of Memmingen.


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