The town of Memmingen is located at the northern brink of the Allgäu, the alpine region in southern Bavaria known and loved for its scenic beauty and high recreational value. There are also many important company headquarters and the international Allgäu Airport Memmingen in and around the picturesque town.

History of the town of Memmingen

Located at the intersection of the motorways A96 and A97, you’ll discover a historic gem with an approx. 2,000-year-long history and an unbowed significance for economy and trade: the town of Memmingen. With first documentary evidence dating back to the year 1128, this now over 880 years old town is living proof for Bavaria’s eventful history. Roman settlement, home of the Alemanni, foundation site of monasteries, trading post on the salt road and aspiring trade metropolis in medieval times, battered by the plague epidemic, wars and fire – no setback could halt the rise of the ambitious free imperial town. Memmingen was only incorporated into the Kingdom of Bavaria in 1803.

A brief introduction to the town of Memmingen

Today, approx. 41,000 people lovingly preserving the historic town centre and having led successful businesses over the course of centuries with a certain panache live in Memmingen. The historic town centre of Memmingen is inviting for a romantic stroll. The preserved town wall with its imposing town gates, glorious guild and patrician houses, and numerous churches, some of which are uniquely furnished, are historic jewels of particular significance. Approx. 150 inns, restaurants, cafés and wine taverns make sure that Memmingen becomes a culinary experience as well. A shopping tour through Memmingen certainly pays off, as the pedestrian area and squares are lined with shops and crafts businesses. Up to this day, the Memminger Ach, the particularly alluring town stream of Memmingen, visibly flows through the historic town centre.

Discover Memmingen privately or on a guided tour

If you want to discover Memmingen entirely on your own, there are two round tours available leading you to the architectural and historical highlights of the town in the Allgäu. Information boards introducing you to the individual sights line these paths. The Red Path brings you to historic buildings, such as the Fuggerbau, the remarkable Siebendächerhaus and the guild houses at the Weinmark. The Green Path features the town wall, the former fortifications, the striking town gates and certain houses. Both paths lead past Hotel Falken. Alternatively, you can join a guided tour of the town. Memmingen offers guided tours to many different topics.


Information and registration for guided town tours
City information
Marktplatz 3, 87700 Memmingen
Phone +49 8331 850172 or +49 8331 850173
Open Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm, Sat 9.30-12.30 am


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Experience festivals and culture in Memmingen

Memmingen’s event calendar is pretty full as the lively town in the Allgäu offers great variety including the town fest, the day of the fishermen, the annual fair and the Christmas market. Art and culture carry great significance in Memmingen, too. A broad variety of different cultural and art events, such as cabaret and comedy, theatre performances, concerts and modern art exhibitions in the MEWO Kunsthalle, eliminates any chance of boredom. Our reception team gladly informs you about current events and assist you in organising tickets. We introduce you to the individual sites and museums in Memmingen in detail on our culture page.

Did you know? Interesting facts about Memmingen

  • The Protestant Reformation was introduced to Memmingen after the year 1513. Insurgent farmers composed the “Twelve Articles”, the first declaration of human rights in the world.
  • Having remained a free imperial town for centuries, Memmingen was only incorporated into the Kingdom of Bavaria – and, consequently, to the Free State of Bavaria – in 1803 after the Final Recess of the Imperial Deputation.
  • Memmingen saw an unbelievable heyday from the 14th to the 16th century, as the free imperial town already did active business with South America back then.
  • Memmingen hosts the Wallenstein Festival every four years. This history festival is devoted to the events in the year 1630 during the Thirty Years’ War. Europe’s biggest history festival (!) is held by the Fischertagsverein.

Memmingen as a gate to the world: the airport

Memmingen Airport, quickly accessible from all over Bavaria, Salzburg and Tyrol, has asserted itself as a true alternative to Munich Airport. Would you like to start or end your business or holiday travels at Memmingen Airport? The four-star Hotel Falken in the heart of Memmingen is a cosy place to relax before and after your journey. The airport is within a 15-minute drive from the hotel. Hint: Parking fees at the Allgäu Airport are among the cheapest of all airports! Find useful information on the page Memmingen Airport.


Discover the historic town of Memmingen in the Bavarian Allgäu, meet business partners in pleasant atmosphere or enjoy a few days off at the four-star Hotel Falken. We are looking forward to your reservation!

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